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January 2011

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Courage, Creativity and Heart in 2011!

I hope you are looking forward to a year of enriching your world, deepening your skills,  expanding your choiceJudith Lowes and following your heart? 

We are all going to need to be smart, confident, resourceful and able to respond creatively and wisely to disruption and change.

The most important thing you can do in difficult times is to 'skill up' to more fully live your own life.

We are looking forward to supporting you in 2011 with our internationally renowned, top of the range  NLP trainings.

Join us to get the real deal in systemic and generative NLP, and to find your courage and your genius!

You'll learn with some of the best NLP  teachers in the world on truly transformational courses.

Make 2011 your year of positive change -  and with NLP ,  make a big positive difference in your world!

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Judith Lowe, MD
and Principal Trainer

2011 Winter-Spring Dates for your diary…

8-10 January
Transforming Beliefs
with Judith Lowe
(advanced seminar)

15-21 January
NLP Practitioner programme Part 1
with Judith Lowe

1 February
Practice Group
with Judith Lowe
Zen in the Art of the NLP Meta-Model

10 – 13 February
States of Excellence
with Judith Lowe

17 February
Discover NLP
with Judith Lowe

25-27 February
The Art of Authentic Charisma
with Robert Dilts

17 – 20 March
Power of Mastery
with Judith Lowe

26 March – 1 April
Magic of Language and Power of Practitioner
with Judith Lowe

Happy 2011 to All Our Newsletter Friends!

NLP Practitioner Programme
With Judith Lowe and special guest Robert Dilts
Starts 15 Januaryman on beach

An intensive, dynamic, high-standards Practitioner programme - if you want your NLP with depth and integrity then this is for you.

Includes special guest seminars with Robert Dilts or Joseph O'Connor.

Find out more here

Transforming Beliefs

An advanced seminar with Judith Lowe
7-9 January 2011

Why not start the year by updating some of your limiting beliefs?

This advanced seminar will give you the tools and understanding to shift, reframe and transform old patterns of thought - for both personal and professional applications.
A subtle, profound and deeply engaging 3 days to bring more life and fresh, sensory experience into your world for 2010!

Special price to PPD Practitioners and master Practitioners.

To book as a standalone CPD seminar click here:

Price: 450 (+VAT)

Pre-requisite – Practitioner certificate.

NLP Practice Group -

With Judith Lowe
1 February

Zen in the Art of the NLP Meta-Model
What is the deeper magic of the NLP Meta-Model?!
Is it really a highly sophisticated and subtle tool to help you to;
• open your heart?
• release your blocked energy?
• make it more possible for  you to live more fully in the here and now?
How specifically will you find out?
Why not begin by exploring;
 • the logic and structure of blame
 • the experience of getting stuck
 • how over-generalisation can lead to stress.. and /or boredom... and more…
….at this unique, practice group evening with Judith Lowe - one of NLP's most accomplished and entertaining  trainers.
Open to all - everything will be explained on the night!
Note; the 'NLP Meta-Model' is a core NLP language model consisting of key questions which can transform your world. 

Click here to book 

15 if prebooked or 20 on the door

University of London Union, Malet Street, 7pm to 9pm

Discover NLP
With Judith Lowe
17 February

The day is packed with models, activities, demonstrations and Q & A and is specially designed to offer people a vivid and fascinating first step into systemic NLP and what it can do for you.

It's a really great way to learn more about NLP - and with Judith Lowe herself, one of NLP's most experienced and entertaining trainers too!

Make 2011 the year you finally come and learn NLP – and join the internationally famous, PPD Learning high-end, full course,  -  'live', exciting, up-close and personal - for your success and well being.

Click here to book. 

The Art of Authentic Charisma

- Communicating with Confidence, Congruence and Impact
With special guest Robert Dilts

25-27 February

Robert DiltsEvery year Robert Dilts brings his pioneering 3rd Generation NLP developments to PPD Learning in a new and exclusive seminar.
 The quality of Authentic Charisma is often 'the difference that makes a difference' in our ability to positively influence, collaborate generatively and contribute to the growth and transformation of others.
•    Positively influence, collaborate generatively
•    Connect more deeply to people
•    Connect to the source of your confidence
•    Strengthen your effectiveness in communication

A must for all coaches, managers, teachers and leaders in every field!

More info click here:
Book here:

**Special Prices for PPD Learning Practitioners and Master Practitioners**

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