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November 2010
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Happy Season of lights, fireworks and general merriment and melancholy as the beauty and darkness of winter comes around again!

Judith LoweWe've been getting ourselves onto Facebook and Linked In so that we can be more in  touch and more of an ongoing source of support and inspiration for everyone on their NLP journey.

It's great to connect with old friends and new and to have a sense that NLP is making such an amazing, positive contribution to so many lives - in businesses and organisations, in families and friends.

Come and see us in person too!

I'm presenting at the Conference and we've got a PPDL stand there so do come and say hi.

 Charles is here this weekend on the Masters - his annual update for us on his latest explorations into our inner worlds - and then at the Practice group on Tuesday.

Judy DeLozier returns in December.. and you are all welcome to come to our free evening which is a 'Passion in Action' kind of reunion - be lovely to see you there too.

And of course... now is the time to be planning your NLP training with us for next year, getting dates in the diary and looking forward to taking your skills to the next level... for your 2011 dreams!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Judith signature
Judith Lowe, MD
and Principal Trainer

*(also a speaker - this has been one of my fave books of the year!)

Supporting the NLP Conference

2010 Winter Dates for your diary…

5-7 November
Exploring Inner Worlds
with Charles Faulkner
(advanced seminar)

1 December
Discover NLP
with Judith Lowe

3-5 December
Wisdom of the Body
with Judy DeLozier
(advanced seminar)

3 December
Passion in Action
Reunion Evening

7-9 January
Transforming Beliefs
with Judith Lowe
(advanced seminar)

15-21 January
NLP Practitioner programme Part 1
with Judith Lowe

1 February
Practice Group
with Judith Lowe

17 February
Discover NLP
with Judith Lowe

25- 27 February
The Art of Authentic Charisma
Special Guest seminar with Robert Dilt

Discover NLP with Judith Lowe -  new date Wednesday 1st December!

Why not tell your friends, family and colleagues about our great NLP taster day?

Why not give it to them as an early Xmas present!?

The day is packed with models, activities, demonstrations and  Q & A  and is specially designed to offer people a vivid and fascinating first step into systemic NLP and what it can do for you.

It's a really great way to learn more about NLP - and with Judith Lowe herself, one of NLP's most experienced and entertaining trainers too!

And there's a special offer for the January Practitioner  - book the whole Practitioner by 31st December..... and the Discover Day becomes FREE   (price becomes included in the course fee)

Make 2011 the year you finally come and learn NLP – and join the internationally famous, PPD Learning high-end, full course,  -  'live', exciting, up-close and personal - for your success and well being.

University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1.

Click here to book

NLP Practice Group – 9 November  
Advanced Language Patterns Mastery in 3 Moves
With Charles Faulkner

All 18 of the NLP Sleight-of-Mouth Patterns utilize one or more of just 3 simple principles/moves. Use them in 3 simple dimensions - (2 of which are time and space) - and you can easily generate every SOM pattern. Charles

Listen for the pattern of moves the 'client' makes, and you can know which moves to use next. Visually map them and 'see' how the client's belief system works ... and how to change it.

In this one-time only evening event, NLP innovator and developer Charles Faulkner will present his modeling of SOM - previously only available in his NLP Comprehensive Master Practitioner Program.

University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1.

6.45 for 7.00pm start until 9.00.
Book Online click here

Or 20 on the door - Open to All (Some NLP experience needed)

***Judith Lowe at the NLP Conference***

The Reasons of The Heart
14th November, morning session

Living our values with passion and integrity and making a meaningful, positive contribution is to become ‘more fully human’ in the words of Virginia Satir, NLP’s paradigm-shifting tools can sometimes seem merely clever – ‘the reasons of the reason’.

In this session we will actively explore how an NLP practitioner cam be present, genuine, in touch with themselves, compassionate and real and able to use powerful techniques in an integrated way – to bring our values into action and to make our world more human, connected and kind.

To Book log onto:  www.nlpconference.co.uk

Wisdom of the Body – an advanced seminar
With one of the original developers of NLP Judy DeLozier
3-5 December

There is ‘information’ in the body and ‘knowledge’ in the muscle. Using ‘somatic syntax’, you’ll learn how to strengthen, integrate and generalise deep level personal resources – creating momentum and wisdom for learning and change.

Judy DeLozierYou’ll learn how your ‘mind-body’ thinks and communicates, processes information and solves problems. You’ll learn about the physiology and physicality involved in the NLP techniques and presuppositions and how to express more of yourself in the world.

For more info click here:

Click here to book

Passion in Action Reunion Evening – Free,  everyone welcome!
With Judy DeLozier and Judith Lowe
3 December

An evening for all previous Passion In Action participants and anyone else who wants to join our Leadership in the Community project.
7pm, Grand Connaught Rooms, WC2B 5DA

NLP Practitioner Programme 2011
***Now Taking Bookings***

With Judith Lowe and special guest Robert Dilts 
Starts 15 Januaryman on beach

An intensive, dynamic, high-standards Practitioner programme - if you want your NLP with depth and integrity then this is for you.

Includes special guest seminars with Robert Dilts or Joseph O'Connor.
Find out more here

Also Now Taking Bookings For:

The Art of Authentic Charisma
25-27 February 2011
Seminar with special guest Robert Dilts
Special prices for PPD Learning Practitioners & Master Practitioners

More info here

PPD Learning Community:

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Anglo American Books – 10% Discount
Anglo-American Books is the UK’s premier NLP online book store. For PPD Learning Alumni we’ve arranged a 10% discount. Click here to browse their store and just enter the code PPD001 when you purchase anything to gain your discount.


The NLP Conference (an independent 3 day event organised by Anglo American books)  
12-14 November

A delightful buffet of interactive seminars over 3 days. Speakers include Judith Lowe, Shelle Rose Charvet and many more. Book now  www.nlpconference.co.uk 
For further details on any of these seminars or programmes please visit ppdlearning.co.uk
or call: 0207 096 9694

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