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October 2011

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People are wanting to solve their problems, communicate effectively and stay resilient in times of change.Judith

NLP offers these immensely practical tools and approaches to support these key goals and get  results.

A  good NLP course truly gives you the 'How-To'  of self-development for your career and your life.

And the effect is lasting!

If you learn to communicate more effectively within the subtle, feedback-driven model in NLP, you will continue to develop  these skills.

You'll  become increasingly aware of the impact you are having. And you become more flexible, creative and light on your feet in your own behaviour.

The same with the more mental agility required for the multi-level models of change.

And the more holistic skills set of NLP modelling.

Just as expertise grows and flourishes in any  profession, so NLP has skills development and tools at every level - challenging and evolving the practitioner like a Picasso or an Ella Fitzgerald in their art.

Stay learning, stay growing, have adventures - times are changing fast and we're all going to need to keep on learning, changing and growing too.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

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Judith Lowe, MD
and Principal Trainer

2011/12 Upcoming Dates for your diary…

04 October
Alpha Leadership: Tools for Business Leaders Who Want More From Life with Anne Deering

8 November
Negotiation Mastery with Simon Horton

19-20 November
Judith Lowe at the NLP Conference
Zen in the art of the NLP Meta Model

11-13 November
Exploring Inner Worlds with Judith Lowe, Paddy Bergin and Mark Houghton

02-04 December
Wisdom of the Body with Judy DeLozier

08 December
Discover NLP with Judith Lowe

14-20 January, 2012
Part 1  NLP Practitioner
with Judith Lowe

“A good NLP course truly gives you the ‘How-To’ of self development for your career and your life?”

Still booking!

The Ultimate Master Practitioner Programme

6 Modules over 6 months - starts October. Booking Now! Special Payment Plan!

The UK’s incredible  ‘flagship’ advanced NLP programme with world class training team of Judith Lowe, Robert Dilts, Judy DeLozier and Charles Faulkner.

The journey from Practitioner to Mastery, Modelling and Artistry with your NLP!
  • your skills become second-nature
  • you work from principles, not techniques
  • there's a fundamental ecology to your work
  • artistry, innovation.. and elegance
  • you experience more aliveness, awareness, presence
  • Available to people with at least 14-18 days NLP experience ie, 7/10 day ‘Practitioner’ plus 7/10 day ‘Master Practitioner’
  • Special saving for PPDL Practitioners of 279 on full package price!
NLP Business Benefits
Tools and Techniques
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Avonmouth House, 6, Avonmouth Street,
London SE1 6NX

Practice Group

Alpha Leadership: Tools for Business Leaders Who Want More From Life
with Anne Deering
With Judith Lowe

04 October

Are you looking for a simple and practical way of improving your leadership skills, or those of your coaching clients?

Are you seeking more satisfaction from your work?

Do you find yourself thinking "There must be more to life than this?!"

 If you are a business leader, or if you coach business leaders to become more successful, this session will introduce you to a model of leadership and some approaches you can apply immediately in your work.

 Anne Deering is the co-author with Robert Dilts and Julian Russell of 'Alpha Leadership'.

Anne has 25 years experience as a management consultant, with clients in both public and private sectors. She specialises in large scale change programmes and the development of leadership teams, serving as coach to boards of directors and executive teams.

" Anne has a huge breadth of experience and knowledge in Leadership for business - we are very privileged and excited to have her lead the Practice group and share her wisdom and practical tools and tips."  Judith Lowe , PPD Learning Ltd

University of London Union, Malet Street,  WC1E 7HY

Register for Alpha Leadership - October Practice Group in London, United Kingdom on Eventbrite

Discover NLP
With Judith Lowe
8 Dec

Our special one-day 'taster' for NLP. Presentations, demonstrations, exercises and Q & A with one of the UK's most experienced, entertaining and respected trainers.

See Judith Lowe's 'Guide to Choosing Your Practitioner Training' - http://www.ppdlearning.co.uk/nlp-training/why-learn-nlp

Register for Discover NLP Day in Avonmouth House on Eventbrite

See below for our special prize draw offer!

NEW -  Full Journey Passport! 

Just starting on your NLP journey?

We are launching our special, new Full Journey Passport - 45 days training over 2 years –  from beginner to Mastery with our top International  training team. Call us for more details.

Price 4915 + VAT
Savings to you of up to 1275!

See below for our special prize

Wisdom of the Body – the Core Skills of Advanced and Lifelong NLP!
With one of the original developers of NLP Judy DeLozier 
2-4 December

JudyA unique opportunity to work with one of the world's greatest NLP teachers on her only visit to the UK this year!

Judy DeLozier - co-developer of NLP New Code with John Grinder, co-developer of Third Generation NLP with Robert Dilts.

Mind-body intelligence and integration -  the skilful dance of change and relationship.

Special Price for all PPDL Practitioners and Masters

For more info click here
Click here to book

Passion in Action Reunion Evening
With Judy DeLozier and Judith Lowe
2 December

An evening for all previous Passion In Action participants and anyone else who wants to join our Leadership in the Community project.
7pm, Avonmouth House – All welcome. Free entry. 

NLP Practitioner Programme

***Now Taking Bookings***
NLP Practitioner Programme 2012
With Judith Lowe and special guest Robert Dilts orman_on-beach Joseph O’Connor

Starts 14 January 2012 

We are now taking bookings for our high-end NLP Practitioner programme. An intensive, dynamic, high-standards Practitioner programme - if you want your NLP with depth and integrity then this is for you. Includes special guest seminars with world-leading NLP developers Robert Dilts or Joseph O'Connor.
More here…

Exclusive new Seminar with leading developer Robert Dilts:

Energising Collective Intelligence
25-27 February 2011

Special prices for PPD Learning Practitioners & Master Practitioners

PPD Learning Community:

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On Twitter – JudithLoweNLP

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Anglo American Books – 10% Discount
Anglo-American Books is the UK’s premier NLP online book store. For PPD Learning Alumni we’ve arranged a 10% discount. Click here to browse their store and just enter the code PPD001 when you purchase anything to gain your discount.


NLP Conference 2011
18-20 November

A date for everyone’s diary -  the UK’s fantastic conference.

Judith Lowe’s workshop this year is ‘Zen in the Art of the NLP Meta-Model’ on Sunday morning.
For further details on any of these seminars or programmes please visit ppdlearning.co.uk
or call: 0207 096 9694

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