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September 2011

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We've got a great Autumn season for you catering for all tastes and all levels of NLP!Judith

First up is our ground- breaking and magical programme for people who want to align themselves, find their path and make their unique contribution in our world.

'Passion in Action' is the world's only NLP application programme to offer the tools and support  to make a difference -  and  it's lively, engaging and inspirational.

Then we have my Practice Group - 'NLP for Troubled Times' - a topical subject for a challenging, friendly and fun evening together.

The NLP Discover Day is next so you, your friends, family and colleagues can have a 'live', hands-on experience of our systemic, skills-based and integrated NLP  - always a great day.

And also beginning in September, our high-end NLP Practitioner - the first seven days alone will blow your socks off!

And of course our amazing, multi-level Gold Standard NLP Masters - artistry, mastery and modelling with NLP starts in October for a six month journey of deeply transformational learning.


Do you know that now is the time to invest in your skills and take your performance to the next level?

We're simply one of the world's top and most respected NLP companies.

So come and join us this Autumn.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

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Judith Lowe, MD
and Principal Trainer

2011 Autumn Dates for your diary…

9-11 September
Passion in Action
with Judith Lowe and Judy Delozier

22-25 September
21-23 October
Autumn Practitioner
with Judith Lowe

13 September
Practice Group with Judith Lowe

15 September
Discover NLP with Judith Lowe

4 October
Practice Group with Chris Howell

6 October
The Ultimate Master Practitioner

“Do you know that now is the time to invest in your skills and take your performance to the next level?”




Passion in Action – Social Change with NLP
With Judith Lowe

9-11 September

  • ‘Be The Change’ Leadership Development
  • Team creativity, Applied NLP Modelling
  • Tools for dreamers

Date: 9-11 September - Price: 360 + VAT –(special price for groups)
Location: Central London

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Passion in Action Flyer     
Curriculum and Tools

For anyone that wants to find themselves and make a difference –  a pioneering programme  of pure inspiration and positive tools! All welcome.

The Ultimate Master Practitioner Programme

6 Modules over 6 months - starts October. Booking Now! Special Payment Plan!

The UK’s incredible  ‘flagship’ advanced NLP programme with world class training team of Judith Lowe, Robert Dilts, Judy DeLozier and Charles Faulkner.

Extra special offer!
Book before 12 September and be entered in our special prize draw for one of 3 copies of Whispering in the Wind by John Grinder & Carmen Bostic St. Clair (On Amazon for 50!)

The journey from Practitioner to Mastery, Modelling and Artistry with your NLP!
  • your skills become second-nature
  • you work from principles, not techniques
  • there's a fundamental ecology to your work
  • artistry, innovation.. and elegance
  • you experience more aliveness, awareness, presence
  • Available to people with at least 14-18 days NLP experience ie, 7/10 day ‘Practitioner’ plus 7/10 day ‘Master Practitioner’
  • Special saving for PPDL Practitioners of 279 on full package price!
NLP Business Benefits
Tools and Techniques
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Our New Autumn Practitioner Programme starts
22 September – Taking bookings now!

With Judith Lowe and special guest Robert Dilts

Part 1 – Weekend format – 22-25 September and 21-23 October

Invest in your future by developing the key skills you need to raise your game!
Make a start on your NLP journey on our high end, quality Foundations Course.

Part 2 in four modules;

States of Excellence with Judith Lowe 9-12 February 2012
Energising Collective Intelligence with Robert Dilts 24-26 Feb
Magic of Language with Judith Lowe 24-26 March
Power of Practitioner with Judith Lowe 27-30 March

Deepen and broaden your skills, knowledge and practice in NLP with our systemic, sophisticated and transformational part 2.

•    Can be booked as separate modules
•    Special review prices for PPDL Practitioners and Masters
•    Eligibility to join our Part 2 with a short 7 day ‘Practitioner’

Find out more here…

Discover NLP
With Judith Lowe
15 Sept

Our special one-day 'taster' for NLP. Presentations, demonstrations, exercises and Q & A with one of the UK's most experienced, entertaining and respected trainers.

See Judith Lowe's 'Guide to Choosing Your Practitioner Training' - download from the front page http://www.ppdlearning.co.uk/

Register for Discover NLP - Online booking in London, United Kingdom on Eventbrite

See below for our special prize draw offer!

NEW -  Full Journey Passport!  

Just starting on your NLP journey?

We are launching our special, new Full Journey Passport - 45 days training over 2 years –  from beginner to Mastery with our top International  training team. Call us for more details.

Price 4915 + VAT
Savings to you of up to 1275!

Practice Group

NLP for Troubled Times – Our Leading-Edge Tools, Skills and Contribution towards a Positive Future.
With Judith Lowe

13 September

NLP is about effective communication and creating choice and change.

We live in a complex world with many perspectives and stories about the crises and changes that are happening.

What can we do to stay strong, engaged, compassionate, constructive and open to the more positive potential which these crises can create?

Can tools from NLP help us restore and renew ourselves and our families, workplaces and wider communities?

In this practical, (non-partisan!) session we will use NLP approaches to begin to -
  • understand and appreciate more deeply the behaviours and  aspirations of self and  others  - including young people, police, shopkeepers, politicians, bankers, media moguls etc
  • explore issues of connection, communication and ‘sponsorship’
  • identify both positive role models and our sense of the ‘shadow’ in these situations.
  •  create questions and visions, to ‘hold’  - to challenge and inspire our actions
  • connect to a sense of freedom, flexibility, forgiveness and fearlessness.

In these times of rapid change and seemingly intractable problems -  a more skills-based and systemic NLP can help you survive and thrive – come and find out how!

University of London Union, Malet Street,  WC1E 7HY

PPD Learning Community:

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NLP Conference 2011
18-20 November

A date for everyone’s diary -  the UK’s fantastic conference.

Judith Lowe’s workshop this year is ‘Zen in the Art of the NLP Meta-Model’ on Sunday morning.
For further details on any of these seminars or programmes please visit ppdlearning.co.uk
or call: 0207 096 9694

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