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Passion in Action – Social Change with NLP


with Judith DeLozier & Judith Lowe  10-12 Sept 2010 


Information Sheet - Curriculum and Tools; 


1. Self-leadership, being authentic, managing personal energy and resources -  ‘Be the Change' personal development. 

• Coming present and awake, connecting to your centre, identifying your resources 

• Multi-level personal alignment, mind-body balance and integration, living from core values   

• Somatic, cognitive and 'field' intelligence, centring and sensing 

•  Identifying mentors, inspirational community support, ‘sponsorship’ 

• Timeline search, identifying and building on success from personal history 

• Hero's journey approaches i.e. facing the challenge, hearing the calling, gathering the allies, leadership, transforming limiting beliefs 

• Managing 'stress'/ burnout, psychological survival issues - strengthening health, wisdom and ecology  


2. Generative team collaboration – creativity, team spirit.

• NLP Meta-programmes, trans-cultural communication approaches and challenges.  

• Perceptual Positions - Self, Other, Observer 

• Creating a  "We" field, group cohesion and synergy

• NLP Applied Modelling - models of excellence and transfer of skills

• Inspiring others to join you, keeping them involved - team spirit, shared vision 


3. Dreaming your Dream... and making it real. 

• Tools for Dreamers -  NLP creativity strategies, project strategies, managing and creating change

• NLP approaches to Goals, Well Formed Outcomes, Present State - Desired State  

• Systems approach to problem solving, connecting and communicating effectively 

• Multi-level Goal design with team support - the power of great questions etc 

•  Values-to-action processes and examples 

• Networking, problem solving, inspiration, motivation, stories, feedback 

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