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Here we bring you details of past participants' projects:

 Passion in Action Reunion 2007 projects - movie clips

2007 Passion in Action Projects


Project Genie 


movie clip of Project Genie - a global warming project for schools


“Passion In Action was amazing. I can't recommend it highly enough. My passion is Project Genie. An education program on climate change delivered free to schools. ( When I joined Passion, I'd been volunteering for 6 months and it was getting to crunch time and I wasn't sure if I could keep going. I was the only one supporting the project’s founder, had no support, was totally broke and getting increasingly depressed with the sadness and inevitability of climate change. Worse of all it seemed as though no one was doing anything about it except my project which was so tiny still that it looked as though it would never succeed. I arrived close to tears ready to give up.

However - the Judith and Judy show worked. Their magic and gentle encouragement built me back up again and importantly taught me about skills such as self-sponsorship, self-recognition and visualisation, skills which I've used every day.

Six months later and the project is now getting global recognition as a leader in the field of education and sustainability. We have had some major donations in – more are on their way. I’ve helped build an amazing team, I’ve got over 110 schools to trial the project - and they’ve shown that they can save up to 70% on their energy bills - which is amazing result both in terms of costs and CO2 saved! But best of all - Passion helped me to believe in myself. Believe that I was good enough to do the job and up to the challenge.  Now I have my perfect job working with amazing and inspiring industry leaders and doing something that I absolutely totally love. Like I said, I can't recommend it highly enough – an extraordinary experience.

Project Genie aims to help children become part of the worlds solutions not it’s problems. It is free to schools and targeted at 7 – 11 year olds. Please drop me a line if you’d like to know more...  


Rachel Parsons 


Laughter Yoga

I wanted something uplifting in my life interacting with others, something that didn't need props, paperwork, authority figures, but where to begin?

Passion in Action and the tools and inspiring enthusiasm of Judith Lowe, Judy DeLozier and Judy Delaforce, led me to think seriously what I could offer unseriously and freely anytime anywhere!!!

We've done Smileys and Smiley badges. What about laughter? I hadn't found anything to laugh about in ages.

Using my new NLP processes and tools I researched and found Laughter Yoga. In May 2007 I went to Switzerland and took Laughter Yoga Teacher training with Dr Madan Kataria who taught techniques to 'laugh for no reason'. Strongly based on NLP!

Now I have:

  • facilitated 1:1 and groups of all sizes. I am gaining lots of experience, meeting all ages
  • run a weekly group at my house for neighbours and friends, helping build community spirit
  • run sessions for staff at the local hospital
  • been invited by my doctor to run staff sessions at the clinic
  • gained interest from my local Hospice
  • I'll be running sessions for dental staff soon at the local centre

My main outcome now is to train others!

Lets spread the joy has returned, thank you all from my heart.

Brenda Spiers

Introduction to The SOUL Film Project 


Sacredness of U & Us in Life


We don’t yet know who we are but we know what we can become”.

A film project that will give voice to the Sacredness of Life from a diverse, worldwide perspective.

The Mission of The SOUL Project:


To create a film which features people from around the world, talking about their experiences of the Sacredness of Life both as it is lived and experienced now and the possibilities that individuals or groups may sense or feel for the future. Once completed, we will distribute the film all over the world to promote discussion and action, which will lead to/add to connecting us to each other at a place where the differences that divide us cease to exist.


Who we are:


We are a continually growing and evolving group of people from a wide range of countries and backgrounds. The original group are from Canada, South Africa, Japan, Luxembourg, UK, USA and South America. We are now also connected to people in India, Germany, Sudan and the Middle East who are talking with us about how we might take the project forward with them. We are also exploring other projects all around the world, which are generating the same debate and hope to link with them as we develop our journey.


To make SOUL a reality:


We are looking for people all over the world who will join with us, to create filmed interviews, which will then be woven into a film. We aim to put the first set of interviews together in January 08 as a demonstration piece to help people see what we are doing. We want to create this project in the spirit of generative collaboration and want to see our circle grow to encompass the whole world.


To make this happen we need:


  • People who would like to share their experiences, on film, of times or events in their lives where they connected with their SOUL, i.e. the moments when they realised that there is a place within us which connects us to each other and the world at large and which is sacred.


  • People who can gather the resources to film these interviews and who have the expertise required, or who could learn, to set up and run a shoot of this kind. We can help and advise you on how to go about this and the kind of equipment you might need.


  • People who can ask the questions which will enable the interviewees to share their experiences in a supportive, encouraging and loving way. We have developed a set of questions to help with this aspect.


The film itself is not funded, we are hoping to gather the resources and money required to film, edit and distribute the finished film as we go along on an as needed basis. We do have a camera and interview team who can, subject to availability of time and resources required, film in places where getting that expertise might be difficult. We envisage that these teams may grow as the projects develop in each country. We also have editing expertise and facilities, which are being donated to the project.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you are able to join with us in making the vision of SOUL a reality. Please contact  (UK) or (USA) if you would like become involved in the SOUL Project




NLP Apex body for India - A professional body for promoting high quality NLP and setting the standards in India.

How was my project been affected by Passion in Action?

There has always been a need felt for an apex body to regulate NLP and inform the public about what true full length high quality NLP training and coaching is all about. Unfortunately we've had quite a few fly by night operators from the west make India one of their bases and offer NLP training for 3-5 days and certifying them as Practitioners and Master Practitioners. This has been created a lot of incompetent NLPers in the Indian Community. While the need was always felt to create the apex body, the vision took shape in the Passion in Action workshop whereby we were able to create the project with a full fledged understanding of what would be the various perspectives of all parties involved and apart from that creating the action plan. Since it was all about NLP, having Judith DeLozier herself lend support to the project gave an added momentum to it all. We are looking at creating a structure that allows high quality NLP training be delivered in India at Indian economic prices to match the market's capability to pay for such courses also.


Krish. Srikanth

Ritva Karlstrom - Project 1

I would like to create an opportunity and environment for more children to enjoy sports in a playful manner without ranks and pear-pressure. I believe many children are judged too early, before they have grown properly (physically and mentally) and had a chance to find their own, internal motivation or drive. I think sports can be fun regardless level and contribute to a good health. So, as a mother of four children, this is something I have been thinking about and also discussed with my husband.

Now I have suddenly been faced with an opportunity to get this started in a first, small scale. My eldest son (11 years old) and half of his football team have been separated from the other half of the team, as they are performing at a lower level. Many boys are sad to be separated from their friends and started questioning their own ability and whether they should play football (some of them are just maturing at a different pace and have less sharp elbows). The parents have got together and want to build this group of out-separated boys to be a strong team with good self esteem and their love to football intact. I have been asked by a parent to do some coaching with the boys. Experienced in the field of coaching individuals, managers, and teams in business I however lack experience from coaching children. I will take this on though (as charity of course), as part of my vision. I will take this in steps and if anyone has experience in building childrens self esteem and team spirit, I'd be more than happy for inputs.

If all this turns out well. I hope to be able to use this experience, to share on a broader basis in the local sport club.

Project 2

I live in a very homogenious suburb outside of Stockholm. About 1 km (just over ½ a mile) away there is an other suburb which is very multicultural, with many immigrants and refugees from different parts of the world. I think in Sweden and in the world a lot of tension is built up by fear of what we do not understand and cannot relate to.

I want to bridge this by starting to build an understanding and a personal relationship between people who are very integrated in the Swedish society and our new fellow citizens. This can be done on a large scale, but it can also grow from a small scale. I want to start with my own family and develop a contact with a family with a different cultural background and few contacts outside their own area. I'm sure this will enrich my family, and hopefully the other family too. If this works well, we can hopefully jointly invite other families in our childrens schools to do the same. If that works, hopefully that can be copied to other schools and areas.

Project 3

I want to inspire other people to put their dreams of a better world in action. I can do good, but if we are 20 we can do more. Not to mention if we grow it to ...

This project I will leave to mature, as I gain valuable experience from putting the projects above in action.

Warm regards,

Ritva Karlström,

2006 Passion in Action Projects

Project Volunteer by David Villa-Clarke

movie clip

The project was that I was planning on going to Uganda with my church but that project fell down due to ‘political’ issues which contravened my personal value set and I therefore made a decision to find an alternative project which was totally inclusive irrespective of religion, race age, etc.

The result is that I have been working very closely with Dave Moore ( ) who has coached me through identifying the right project and ensuring that my spark and energy was still alive after the setback of Uganda. After a 3 hour coaching session we had sketched out the project on a timeline and at this point realised that the project was bigger than me so I decide to form a committee of people to assist to get the project off the ground.

I then attended PPD Learning's Passion in Action course with Judith Lowe and Judith DeLozier which brought the vision of what I am trying to achieve to life, and also gave me an insight into what I am about to undertake in terms of commitment.

Through working with Dave and the Project Volunteer committee I have been challenged to shape the project to be workable and also to find a suitable location that fitted with our core values of working with children, health and safety.

  • I am pleased to say that on Monday 14th May 2007 I will be flying out to Botswana to meet the National Director Derek James of SOS children's villages to talk through my project plan in detail and see if it is workable with the charity. My feeling is that from the initial research carried out and the interactions that I have had with Derek via email and telephone, he shares the same passion for caring for children as I do, and I am expecting this to be a fit.

SOS children's villages are building a new village outside Francistown in Botswana and this is where I want to get involved. One of my key criteria's is that I encourage as many people as I possibly know to also get involved which could mean from donating old clothes, through to money to getting out there yourself and helping paint a house or mark out a football pitch. There is so much to do and not enough people to do it

When I get back I will be updating you all with the project plan and details of how you can get involved if interested.

I am not trying to change the world, just doing my bit as I want every child to have a reasonable chance of life, like we have had and our children have. I hope that you will share in my vision and project in whatever way that you can.

Thank you for the donations that I have received last year totalling £477. This money will not be used on this trip but used when Derek has identified exactly what it is that he wants with the agreement of the villagers. Thanks to Debs who supplied me with a bag of toiletries last July, which I will be distributing on this trip.

David Villa-Clarke

Regional Sales Manager, Standard Life Client Management Ltd


2005 Passion in Action Projects


MY BHAG was to be able to ask people for money for our Credit union! On our last day we did an exercise designed by Robert Dilts that made a huge difference to me. The exercise enabled me to ask all attendees for cash. We collected money, sweets and a couple of business cards. From this we came to work with Phil of Excitant and produced our strategy that is now pinned on the office door.

We open for business on June 2 nd and have just had an Open Day for volunteers.

Many have remarked on my unflagging enthusiasm. When we finally got our approval from the FSA – I went down like a stone. After a weekend away I had a new goal to aim for and a vision of being the most successful start up Credit Union in the UK .

It was great to work with so many people with shared vision of how the world can be and to meet enthusiasts.

All working to make the world a better place ENORMOUSLY ENCOURAGING.

Check our website - better still come and see us !

Christine Robinson


Since the Social Change workshop:

I have been working within my LA (Redbridge) to support schools to make them more aware and encouraging them to develop and work in collaboration with partners to deliver Extended Schools Agenda (8am-6pm)- What we call the Core Offer, consisting of: Quality Childcare, A varied Menu of activities eg out of school hours learning before school, lunch time, afterschool, weekends and holidays; swift and easy referal eg putting parents in contact with relevant community and statutory organisations eg pscychologists, speech and language therapists; community access eg the schools should be provided community providers access to their buildings and working in partnership with external providers; and parenting & family support - including parenting classes, access to ICT, developing parenting skills, enabling parents to access work, involving them in the life of the school, involving them in providing learning opportunities for young people eg mentoring, delivering out of school hours activities, involvement in the classroom, involvement in sports. The core offer should be accessed by parents either within or through the school.

A Framework for this delivery is around the 'Every Child Matters' agenda, organisations and schools need to consider providing opportunities that enable: Safety, healthy, economic well being, enjoy and achieve, positive contribution and participation.

This is all about social inclusion and reducing barrier to learning, poverty, reducing teenage pregnancy, drug dependancy, worklessness, unemployment, reducing crime, combatting bullying, behaviour management; enabling attainment and achievement, enjoyment, promotes positive and good mental health,and providing improved life chances for those who would not otherwise have opportunities for life enhancement and reducing the poverty cycle for some families, and enabling better life choices.

Through my support as a Critical Friend, two of our Schools have achieved Quality in Study Support (Qiss) Recognition Status at emerged level, this was publicised in the local press, and information shared within the local authority schools through internal newsletter 'Redpen' and also Redbridge Life - a newspaper that circulates to every household in Redbridge.

I am also now managing a project with 7 of Redbridge schools in the South of Borough - these schools are accessing The Big Lottery Young People's Fund to deliver Extended Learning Opportunities (out of school hours learning) and the main criteria is that they show evidence of involving the young people and show that young people actually have a say in what is provided - the funding provides a range of activities for these schools, and may change according to the needs of the pupils.

I have supported Usha Chudasama to provide opportunity for her to deliver a course in school, based on enhancing the emotional intelligence of the young people, and have supported her in the making of a DVD utilising the specialism of Media Department of one of Extended Schools in Redbridge 'Mayfield High' - I have asked her to write up a case study and forward to PPDLearning.

I will be developing a partnership with University of the First Age, which provides training and accelerated learning work programmes to be delivered in out of school hours learning context - participants involved with deliver 'super learning days'; My aim is to support some of the black and ethnic minority pupils to benefit from peer tutoring/mentoring and help to raise the achievement and attainment of pupils in this particular target group, as well as other under achieving groups. This will build on some of the work of The Stepladder Foundation which have been working with Ethnic Minority Achievement Team to support BME pupils to reach higher potential. I would like to provide more opportunities for parents to get involved and more volunteering.

However, we need to find further funding to enable more young people to access extended learning activities and study support (out of school Hours Learning), and to provide opportunities for more creativity, and reduce the level of bureaucracy and multitudes of paperwork required by mainstream funding. Making links with local voluntary sector organisations is also important for the development of Extended Services, and establishing different ways of working with external agencies who might have similar agenda with targets that they also need to meet.

I have made a formal request to people who would like to volunteer a little time to support us in Redbridge by way of: mentoring, coaching, provide opportunities for work experience, training, working with schools and linking with Redbridge Business Education Partnership.

I have been engaging with people from the NLP community to support our agenda and invited people along to Redbridge Workshops, enable links between providers and schools, provided opportunities for people to come along to the NLP practice group to meet and network with providers and share skills. I have also been approached by Youth & Community to sit on a steering group to develop a Summer University for young people. Keeping breast of current Social Exclusion issues: PPDLearning can make a link to regular newsletter: ; email: . A Leading organisation that supports schools, LAs, community providers to develop inclusive practices is: – Continue to provide workshops and opportunities for networking and share knowledge, case studies and good practice.

visit: of school hours learning

Glenda Yearwood



My project – “The Healing Feeling” - involves introducing children aged 6 – 11 to simple but powerful exercises and activities to help them believe in their abilities and their own potential. I am the ‘light in a darkened room’ for the children in my care.

“The Healing Feeling” is a 10 week programme that evolved as a result of my experience as an authorised leader of ‘Heal Your Life’ personal development workshops for adults – They are based on Louise Hay’s philosophy that “It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.” That was before I had even heard about NLP, and upon the realisation that our childhood beliefs and experiences are so important to how we live our lives as adults that in an attempt to help children to overcome the negative messages they get in life, I holistically teach concepts and life skills to stretch their minds so they are capable of thinking creatively and critically to analyse problems, accept challenges and make the right choices in life. I teach the children breathing techniques, how to use positive affirmations using mirrors; and discussion and creative visualizations are used for relaxation and to solve problems ‘mentally’. During the hour long sessions, I also teach drama, art and simple massage skills (with parental permission).

Why Creating Effective Social Change with NLP?

I believe in the saying that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’.

My ‘teachers’ were in the guise of not only of the trainers, but also, the many other delightfully, down-to-earth, talented, qualified, and genuinely encouraging course participants, both young and ‘young at heart,’ that I met from a diversity of backgrounds - some of whom I have kept in contact with. There were people there that were new to NLP, whilst others were master practitioners and very experienced, but I wasn’t made to feel like an inexperienced trainee NLP practitioner, instead, my participation was welcomed as a ‘fresh perspective’ and that made me feel at ease.

Everyone that came had many fantastic projects, or ideas of their own. For example, some wanted to start their own life coaching companies, do different church projects, improve and create changes within the organisations they were working for, others had left their own jobs and businesses to make global environmental changes, and there were retired people who still wanted to do more – all very worthwhile and commendable projects to serve the community.

What did I get?

I came to the seminar wanting some help with taking this project forward as I consider it such a worthwhile project. For a year I have been, and still am, continually developing and refining the workshop with excellent results and the time had come to take it to another level but I didn’t have the self-belief that I could take it forward or the know-how. I felt within my depth. The negative ‘What if’s….. from myself and those around me kept holding me back. I lacked the confidence in myself, and I felt quite isolated because I didn’t have the contacts nor the finances – the leadership nor the necessary communication skills, but I knew that somehow I was going to do it. I had the faith and determination.

In the seminar, techniques were introduced through live demonstrations that everyone practised in groups of between 3 – 8 people depending on the exercises. This helped to understand the importance and relevance of the wisdom within the activity and how you can incorporate it in your daily life.

Before I could start with anything, I needed to learn how to be grounded and connected with myself and “Connecting to the core” was really powerful for boosting my confidence and understanding how I can find a balance between strength, compassion and playfulness – three archetype energies that helped me to ‘lighten up’ generally. People who have known me for years have commented on how ‘relaxed’ I am now with a quiet confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the “Gathering the allies” exercise which helped me to realise how many people were actually encouraging and helping me to push this project forward. At first, I found it difficult to identify even two people but then as I was lovingly guided along the time line by two other participants, I realised that actually there were so many of ‘my allies – that ‘sung my song’ that they were filling up the room!! That exercise plus the speech by Neva (Judith Delozier’s friend) gave me the urgency to put this project into practise and to start ‘knocking on doors.’ The following week, I contacted the media department of a local secondary school to come and film the activities of my workshops so I can use it as advertising material – something I would have just wished for before!! Now, when I have those moments of self-doubt and what if’s.., I visualise the room filling up with those allies and it helps to perk myself up again. I now had the confidence, self-belief and the know-how.


Also, I think having the awareness of the skills of sponsorship and supporting someone at the identity level has given me a way of connecting with people at a level that is more than being in rapport with them; There is an inner congruence and I think it really helped me to ‘clinch the deal’ with the media department. It is becoming a habit in my everyday life.

The Dream Guardians exercise by Robert Dilts was a brilliant ‘suggestions and possibility focussed – rather than a solution focussed’ exercise which helped me to consider problems or issues that might arise at the different logical levels and the ‘guardians’ helped with solutions and gave their professional advice which was very much appreciated.

Anyone who goes on this seminar and experiences what I did will come away inspired, gain inner strength and confidence (in bucket-loads), and wisdom they didn’t know they had! I went away feeling like I could tackle my project with renewed self-assurance and vigour.

That’s not bad for three days out of your life!

Usha Chudasama, Teacher


Update (May 2006)…

Gosh, has it been 9 months since doing the course?!

I now have my DVD made (which I mentioned previously) so I can use it now when I start to advertise myself. Also, I was given funding and ran the workshop for 10 weeks and the case study can be seen from this link. then follow these links:

( Home Areas of work Extra Time - Study Support / Out-of-school-hours learning Extra Time 8 to 6 Case studies database Healing Feeling - Think Happy, Be Happy © ContinYou 2006 ).

I am running the programme again at the moment for 12 weeks which runs out at the end of this month with age 5/6 year 1 children. I am now in the process of going completely freelance rather than working from within schools.




"I came to the Creating Effective Social Change seminar with five colleagues from three different organisations, who have a range of NLP experience from beginner to old hack. The seminar was inspiring and refreshing and got us straight down to progressing our heart-driven projects for bringing beneficial change into the communities we belong to and the world we live in. Establishing a shared vocabulary for supporting organic progress, communication and actioning has since impacted on meetings, planning, mutual support and efficient use of those priceless commodities - peoples' time, resources and passion for contributing the best of themselves. In all three organisations that we represented, the realisation of dreams has been impacted by our time together on the seminar, through what we learned, what we shared and the great people we met there.

It is so heartening to see that NLP is still being offered by some trainers as a systemic, generative and ecological model for making the world a better place and empowering individuals and groups to celebrate their fabulously creative humanity. PPD Learning sets the gold standard for bringing the best trainers together for an ultimate experience of what's best in NLP. Judith Lowe was a walking, talking exemplar of Creating Effective Social Change through her forming and leadership of this group."

Pamela Gawler-Wright, Key Trainer, BeeLeaf

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