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What do people get from NLP Practitioner Training with PPD?

We asked some previous participants of PPD's Practitioner Training "What did you get from the course and what has it enabled you to do?" The enthuiasm and variety of response was heartening:

Shorter, more productive meetings by Christopher Langdon

"It is a cliché to say that any event, let alone a course will change one's life, and I certainly would not expect that to happen. It was my interest in how and what motivated the people who worked for me and who I worked with, that first stimulated my interest in NLP. Learning NLP on the Practitioner Course helped me to understand others in a way that I have never been able to before. It simply makes people much more interesting.

From the business point of view, it provided me with a remarkable insight into customers minds, and made all my meetings much more productive (and shorter!). I feel that I really understand their requirements, both explicitly stated, and more importantly, what was under the surface driving these needs. Then it was much easier to really satisfy these needs, which invariably creates good business. Quite a few of the practitioners and users of NLP come from the HR, training and counselling areas, but it is only a matter of time before astute business people see how much more effective they can be by using the power of NLP

The NLP modelling process took this insight even further, and I took it further in interviewing several CEO's to find out their strategies for motivation and creating very successful and long lasting companies. This led to me writing a book called "Digerati Glitterati", which has been published. I have never written a book before - who said NLP would not change my life!"

Christopher Langdon has been a successful senior manager, director and now Vice-President of European Operations in the high tech electronics and IT industries.

More options and greater choice by David Condor

If you decide to take PPD's Practitioner Course, then you'd better watch out! Based on my experience, this is no quick cosmetic fix but a programme of deep change that may lead you down new, even unexpected, places. But the rewards are great. Certainly, as a participant, you can expect to see the world in more vibrant colours, be more tuned in to what people are saying to you and to hear the background music behind their words. Above all, like those who were with me last year, you are likely to feel that you have more options open to you and a greater choice in your responses to difficult situations when you complete the PPD Practitioners course. Many of us were able to use the course to spot our own limiting beliefs and transform them to something more useful. At the centre of this picture is one incredible woman, Judith Lowe. An amazing combination of explosive energy, funniness and quick wit and jokes, laced with gentle human perceptiveness, Judith is the unsung hero of the fulfilment of individual potential in Britain. I am sure you will, like us, feel yourself fortunate to have worked with her. You can also look forward to forming long standing and supportive friendships with the assistants and other participants. Good luck! Knowing something of what is in store for you, I envy you as you start your exploration of NLP.

David Conder's professional background includes teaching and agricultural development in West Africa, scientific research and product development in the pharmaceutical industry and campaigning, fundraising and organisational development in the charity sector. He is currently developing a new portfolio of careers guidance ( and sales work having successfully completed PPD's Master Practitioner programme. He is married with two teenage children.

A tool box of techniques by Dina Quraishi

During my NLP practioner training, I had numerous opportunities to respond to questions asked by curious family and friends who wanted to know what exactly NLP was all about. Initially, I attempted to condense the history and philosophy of NLP into a few sentences. Very often during this procedure their eyes would glaze over - I obviously wasn't doing a very good job. So following the NLP principle of 'if it doesn't work try anything else', I began to look for ways to describe what I had got out of the training. Most important for me, was the realisation that the only person holding me back from achieving my goals and aims was myself. The practitioner training at PPD provided me the time, space and skilled instructors and listeners to explore areas of myself using a range of NLP tools and techniques. I now actually use the toolbox analogy when describing what the training provided me. I have learnt how to use the tools thanks to some really excellent training by masters of the craft. Now, when I see the need I can choose and apply the appropriate tool or technique where required. I also have the flexibility of keeping the toolbox shut, if that is what I want. To date, I have been able to apply my NLP tools in all manner of situations at bus stops, in offices, with colleagues, at the gym, all alone with myself - their application is only limited by the boundaries of my own creativity. Specifically, the time spent learning the tools and techniques was a great eye opener, it opened a world of possibilities and has allowed me more control over how I choose to interact with human beings, including myself.

Dina Quraishi is 33 yrs of age, currently living in London, working in the IT industry as a project manager for a large consultancy firm.

Authenticity and congruence by Gavin Simpson

For me at the broadest level the real benefit has been learning to be more of myself, other people have different words for it; being authentic, congruent or perhaps centred. This is no small thing and I'm benefiting in many ways

So, practically how would you have seen me benefit if you had known me over the last two years? You'd see; someone become truly more confident in his own abilities particularly when working with board level clients, someone who takes more risks to get the outcomes he wants - because he trusts himself and because its more fun; some one who stops to see the colour in life here and now rather than worrying about the future, some one who laughs at himself more easily, someone who gets along with people so much more easily, someone who get things done with less effort than his peers, someone who spends a lot more time learning and reading, someone who knows now what he wants from work and is taking charge of getting it and someone who is taking time to notice how beautiful his children are everyday - enough? If those sound like benefits to you then it's absolutely worth signing up to train with Judith Lowe and PPD.

Gavin Simpson lives in Cheshire with his wife Maria and their two children. He works as a Senior Management Consultant in an internal consultancy with one of the big UK banks. He specialises in change, leadership, and organisation design.

The influence I want by Sean Finnan

I found that you are always having an influence on people. Sometimes good, sometimes not good. By doing PPD's NLP Practitioner I found that there were tools that I could use "on me" to change the balance to being more good (or in line with what I expected) than bad. Interestingly non-NLP'ers always focus on does this mean you can "do things to others" and that's not been my experience. I've learnt to be clearer about my goals in an interaction and also to understand the many behaviours I have which are obstacles to achieving that goal. It's a great course and you make friends who stay with you a long time.

Sean Finnan is a divisional managing director in a major IT services provider. He has an MBA and has worked and lived abroad for 5 years.

Enhanced communication skills by Glenn Savage

Working in the health industry, I interact with a lot of people of different ages, cultures, beliefs, moods, states of health and time availability. They present to me with a diversity of knowledge, medical conditions and requirements. Hence, I need to have a broad spectrum of good people skills to be of optimum benefit to them.

NLP Practitioner training has greatly enhanced my people and communication skills. It has enabled me to more accurately elicit better quality information to assess their requirements and make better recommendations and give more beneficial information to suit the individual.

I have become more flexible in my dealings with people and I can more easily assess what is happening with them, both mentally, emotionally and physically. NLP training has dramatically boosted my personal confidence and has enabled me to adapt my style to develop rapport with even the most difficult of people to achieve positive results.

Judith Lowe has the stunning ability to capture an audience and impart an amazing array of NLP skills in a very comprehensible, practical and enjoyable way. She is a very skilled and charismatic trainer.

As a trainer the NLP skills I have developed have been enormously beneficial in teaching enthusiastic and difficult audiences alike. I feel the energy I inject into training sessions reaps much greater benefits with more meaningful learning resulting.

Glen Savage works as a trainer in the pharmaceutical industry.

More effective and resourceful coaching by John Symons

For 20 years I worked in big organisations. I decided to move on after being director of HR - I wanted to become a freelance consultant. At first my work included all sorts of HR issues, and usually involved working one-to-one with chief executives and board members. At a concluding meeting, one of them said: ''You know what you are really doing, don't you? You are coaching me.''

He introduced me to his coach, and to an old friend who is also a coach. The two of them encouraged me to concentrate on coaching. One of them said: ''Of course, my work became much more effective and resourceful and enjoyable when I qualifed in NLP.'' ''What's NLP?''

That is how it began for me, over a cream tea at a London hotel. My friend knows the scene, and she told me about all the main trainers, and had personal experience of several of them.

I chose PPD, and I began a Practitioner training in October 1998, and went on to the Master Practitioner in 1999-2000.

The training with Judith Lowe, and then with other leading NLPers as well on the master programme, changed everything in productive and exciting ways for me. My consultancy in the City, other parts of the private sector, and in the public and voluntary sectors, has developed in just the ways I wish. All my work comes through recommendations and personal contacts from people with whom I have worked.

As my friend said, it all became much more effective and resourceful and enjoyable after I did NLP with PPD.

John works as an independent exective coach and business partner in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He is specially useful to people, of all ages, making or thinking about making career and life transitions and changes. He is interested in having a wide variety of clients and issues, some short and others longer term.

More fulfilling relationships by Louise Harper

I completed the PPD Practitioner Course in May 2000. It was a fantastic introduction to NLP. I learnt numerous skills and concepts that I have been able to use in all areas of my life. Gaining a clearer picture of my own map of the world and understanding the structure of how others create their maps has helped take the relationships in my life to even greater levels of fulfillment.

Judith Lowe is a terrific trainer. She facilitates the course with tremendous style and humour and demonstrates NLP in action with true elegance. You won't find yourself sitting on a chair listening to lectures about NLP. Instead you will see Judith demonstrate how to actually use it and each day you will use it yourself and see the magic of it with your own eyes. This is a real hands on learning experience.

The course size is smaller than those run by many others so you get to know everybody really well and a fantastic group atmosphere builds by the end of the course. I met many fascinating people from various different backgrounds but all were like-minded individuals who enriched my learning experience. Among them I have made some really special and lasting friendships.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the PPD Practitioner Course. As your understanding of NLP grows the scales fall from your eyes and a new more wondrous world opens up before you. The NLP skills you learn will help you move through that exciting world in ever more positive and fulfilling ways.

Louise Harper is a self employed consultant. She divides her time between providing market research and strategic planning consultancy to organisations and doing NLP based coaching.

Knowing what you want and how to get it by Maria Furtek

"You look so alive and glowing!" This comment is one that I now regularly receive both in the context of my work, as a Trainer and Personal Development Coach and in personal areas of my life. However, two years ago, before embarking on my wonderful NLP journey, this was certainly not a comment that people could have honestly made about me. I felt trapped in a life where I didn't know where I was going either personally or professionally, and although other people certainly regarded me as successful, I felt empty inside.

After feeling like this for a period of about 18 months, I made a life changing decision to do something different and booked a place on the PPD NLP Practitioner Training. I didn't realise then what a momentous life changing decision I had made.

Within four days of starting this amazing course, I decided to hand in my notice at work and set up my own company. For the first time in my life I started to become clear about who I really was, what I wanted, and what I felt I could achieve. More importantly, even at this early point in the training I felt inspired in a way that I hadn't been for years, and started to realise that I had all the resources and the growing confidence to become the person that I really wanted to be.

As a result of the PPD Practitioner Training I have made positive changes in my life personally and professionally, which I didn't have the courage or self-belief to make previously. An additional bonus has been that my family, friends and clients have experienced the ripple effect of this: sharing my new skills, has enabled me to inspire many of them to make their own powerful changes in their lives.

Maria Furtek works as a trainer and Personal Development coach.

Becoming more skillful by Paul Burley

I had decided to attain a practitioner in NLP and started selecting from the bewildering number of training companies offering courses. I am glad and delighted that I chose to do the practitioner course with PPD. There were two main reasons why I chose PPD.

The first is the fact they have more than one trainer involved in the programme. This was really valuable for me in enhancing my learning. I gained from the differing viewpoints and the variety of applications of the materials. The second was the result of going to a workshop with Julian Russell, one of the PPD trainers, I really related to his philosophy. I also liked the fact the administration is separated from the training.

The 21 days passed quickly and slowly, a true NLP time distortion. The training was packed with a good balance of humour and fun. Throughout the programme there was new information being given and/or building on existing knowledge.

The main trainer is Judith Lowe and she is excellent. She guided us carefully through the material and the experiences, with the assistants, ensuring I got the learning I needed in order to put the knowledge I gained into practice. It is a very practical programme and I really gained by participating fully. The course is full of interesting examples, which I was able to relate to as well as the many different exercises. The assistants were always helpful and knowledgeable. They were willing to assist me in developing my skills and to help me to get through my 'barriers'.

What difference did it make for me? There were several. The main one was how skilful I had become with many of the attributes used in NLP. I also became aware of skill areas that I needed to develop further. I was able to use the time during the programme to help me achieve that. I've also noticed that many of the skills practiced and developed in the course have become automatic and this benefits both my clients and me. I also met many great people who have remained friends.

Paul Burley works as an Holistic Lifestyle Coach and lives on the South coast of the UK.

Self awareness and transformation by Mick Alexander

"You've done NLP, haven't you? Who do you think I should do my practitioner training with?"

I'd always promised myself that I'd do an NLP course one day. That January I'd got heavy with myself, and said that it was going to be this year. So I consulted some friends who had NLP experience, and asked them which of the many suppliers they'd recommend. That's how I came to start the PPD course in May 1999. I was like a dog with two tails!

What I wanted:

I wanted a greater range of skills, and increased ability to facilitate sought-for change in other people. Another cherished goal was greater ability to relate well to Will, my teenage son. I wanted to help and advise him in such a way that he could choose to accept it or not, freely. Thirdly I wanted to enjoy a larger network of like-minded people.

What I got:

  • I became more fluent in the technology of creating rapport with people. Was I quite good at this before? Yes. Was there more to learn? Definitely.
  • I discovered that when I'm vulnerable, and wide open to personal change, then I grow fast. In that state, I can cause similar beneficial changes in other people. Otherwise I change little or not at all, and have less impact on others.
  • If you'd asked me before my NLP training, "Do you believe that every person is a unique and marvellous individual?", I'd have given you a funny look, and said "Of course". (You can probably hear the slightly scathing tone of voice in your mind's ear.) Getting to know how startlingly unique we all are, and being able to work with the whole extraordinary range was liberating. For me to see through the banality of that statement to its transformative power is an exciting challenge.
  • I acquired a sound basis of skill in NLP techniques. I've seen a vision of what it might be like to be very skilled at working with people in this way.
  • I realised that I have the capacity for great joy and love working with other people. I sort of knew that before the training, but the wraps came off during the course. Perhaps more to the point, I learnt practical skills to make that love and joy work. I use those skills most days, at work and at home.

Did I achieve the outcome related to my son? Hey look, he's a teenager, and I'm just a dumb dad, but we're working on it!

P.S. On the course I met a number of people who worked for multi-nationals, and who'd had to check out the main providers of NLP Practitioner training. They went with PPD, like my friends had advised me to do.

Mick Alexander is an independent educator, specialising in people's learning and growth, and the flourishing of the human spirit in business (and elsewhere). He is aged 52, and married with children aged 20 and 17. He got his Master Practitioner certificate in March 2000.

A more productive team by Phil Wells

I work in the IT world as a project manager. My working world is very simple, yet very complex. Computers deal in certainty and logic - either something is true or false and, depending on the answer, there are rules to be applied. Humans tend not to.

My journey through the world of NLP was initially stimulated by experiencing the power of demonstrating how a fairly difficult but low profile task fitted in the context of a far wider scheme of things. As my journey has progressed it has enriched me with a set of tools that I can use to make me even more effective in my chosen career.

In the early days of my journey I learned how to work with someone to change his or her perspective on a situation. Taking this back to my office, it amazed me that how my team that had been feeling overwhelmed by problems changed attitude so very quickly. Suddenly they couldn't wait for the next one to come along.

I was given a questioning technique that I've been able to teach my team. This has enabled us to obtain greater precision when unpacking the vagaries of the minds of our users and turn those concepts into the logic and certainty that the computers require.

My journey as a practitioner helped me realise that I can only achieve what I do through other people. If I can relate to those around me better I can use the influence of that relationship to improve the achievement of the task. The tools that I mention are just two of many models that I have been given - the fruits of the research of many others. On just about my first day of my NLP experience someone said to me "If you carry on doing what you are doing, you will carry on getting what you are getting". I now have many more options and choices in how I achieve what I set out to.

The latest leg of my journey has given me the skills to create my own models. I am now contemplating the question of what it is that makes an effective Project Manager. Why am I doing this? If I can model this I can improve my own personal skills. And where will that lead me....????

After spending 11 Years in Branch Banking, including 18 months spent as a full time trainer, Phil Wells discovered that computers were more fun. Since that time Phil's career has focussed on the grey area of turning the ideas of the user into a tangible system that provides the reality. Having spent around 10% of his life looking at the Year 2000 problem, Phil is now involved in the world's largest ever data migration project.

Tools for life by Shamim Begum

"It's you Shamim". With those words and a phone number stuffed in my hand, I found myself on an NLP course with PPD. I had never heard of NLP, but it was 'me', apparently.

The first things that come to my mind are: how much fun it was and how it laid the foundations for the future.

I found the course to be exciting and fresh. Specifically, designed to enable learning through practice with emphasis on real life applications. Four of the areas that facilitated an immediate change in me were:

  1. Goals and outcomes Clarifying what it is I wanted and how I was going to achieve it. My favourite question from the course is: "What's stopping you"? It is a question that gets results for me because it is direct, to the point and appeals to the confrontational side of me.
  2. Physiology It is amazing the impact a few 'minor' physiological shifts have had on changing my state of mind and resourcefulness, as well as how others perceive me, in challenging situations.
  3. Effective communication It ain't only what you say, it's also the way you say it. Ever sat there starry-eyed listening to great speakers. I have learnt, that there is, actually a structure to their skill: the tonality they use; the precision of their language; their non-verbal communication. It is all something that can be learnt.
  4. Reframing How you view the world is how you frame it. Put on a different frame and you see a different picture.

I have started and continue to unravel the magic of so many skills, through modelling and if I had to sum up NLP, for me it is a set of tools for life.

So, finally, ask yourself: is it you?

Shamim Begum has worked in the IT industry for 13 years, the last few of which have been as a technical consultant.

Increased portfolio of skills by Kathleen Saunders

If you are interested in becoming an NLP practitioner or learning NLP for your personal development Judith Lowe will provide you with the skills, inspiration and deep understanding you will require to go out and practice it.

She has a wide knowledge of the subject and a great way of imparting that knowledge. Her trainings are joyful, fun and memorable. She ensures that at least 70% of the training is either practising the NLP models or watching her do an eloquent demonstration of the exercise. As a result of doing the practitioner course my skills have increased immensely, enabling me to facilitate with greater ease and congruence. I now have a much increased portfolio of skills I can use to achieve the results I want in business.

Judith is congruent in her message as she walks the talk, which gave me a constant example of how to use NLP. She will respond with grace to any questions you may want to challenge her with. She is tenacious ensuring that you gain the skills you require while giving you lots of space to learn. I found her gentle, caring, and genuinely wanting to serve.

Kathleen Saunders attended practitioner training in 2000 and completed the Master Practitioner in March of 2001.

Changed approach to management by Dr Jennie Harris

The insight gained through PPDs practitioner training can be applied at many levels of business and personal life. It has radicaly changed my approach to management of people, communications and goal setting, at work as well as a personal level. The quality of the training is superb - Judith Lowe's captivating style and flexibility help to ensure that the learning is truly consolidated rather than just theoretical. The learning can be applied to so many areas of life - it left me feeling altogether a far more resourceful person, which cant be bad.

Dr J Harris is a Company Director with a major pharmaceuticals company in Surrey.

Better than gin - without the hangover! by Lynn Cooper

Like a lot of people, I had been on some personal development courses, read a few self-help books, made a few changes - and generally felt quite pleased with myself.

And then someone introduced me to NLP. So, I bought a book. It all seemed to make sense and a friend recommended PPD as a great training organisation so I booked myself onto the Practitioner course.

Wow!! This was better than gin without the hangover.

PPD's trainers are highly experienced and skilled - in fact after studying most of the major NLP trainers in the UK I can confidently say the best. Judith Lowe is outstanding, having a major impact on everyone she trains. She has a great personality and is a fantastic trainer - she creates such a buzz and helps everyone get tremendous results. The positive energy in the training room is electrifying.

What I got from the course was amazing. Great insights into how my thinking is organised - and how it was holding me back. Incredibly powerful tools with which to make substantial and sustainable personal change. Real skills to take out into the world to allow me to effectively communicate with, influence and coach others.

As the years go by I become increasingly aware of what a life-changing experience the PPD Practitioner course was, and continues to be, for me. As well as making personal change I have now changed career to actively use the NLP skills I have learned in my work as a change consultant and coach.

For gin-drinkers and teetotalers alike, I fully recommend PPD's Practitioner training - it'll likely be the most valuable training you undertake in your whole life.

Lynne Cooper has been a Marketing Consultant and now works as a change consultant and coach. She teaches Salsa to interesting people in her spare time.


"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts

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Client Testimonial to Judith Lowe

“Throughout the course I was able to make some real break-throughs after some tough times. I have found and acknowledged my passion and I now feel that I have found the correct course to fulfil my life’s dreams.

All of this would not have been possible without you as our course leader. You have a real gift when it comes to teaching and coaching and I am proud to have been one of your students.

Your energy, warmth, eloquence, humour and above all passion for NLP and all your students have made the time for me and indeed all of us very, very special. I really want to thank you for that!”

Hugo Blom (2010)