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The Basics of NLP Coaching

NLP & Coaching

Coaching is the process of helping another person to perform at the peak of his or her abilities. It emphasises generative changes, while focussing on defining and achieving specific goals. NLP gives an unparalleled advantage in these areas, enabling you to help others perform at their best with high quality communication skills, techniques and models.

PPD's NLP Coaching Programme

This is module 1 of the program. This with module 2:NLP Coaching in real life gives you the the complete fundamentals of Coaching with NLP.

Rationale for this Module:

A multilevel training designed for people new to coaching and NLP plus NLPers wanting to enrich their skills and focus on the practice of coaching. The course will cover:

  • Creating genuine rapport with clients
  • Understanding the clients language and model of the world
  • Enhancing the coaching relationship
  • Facilitating to enable solutions to emerge naturally and ecologically
  • Developing confidence in your skills as a coach

See also our aricle: Judith Lowe talks about PPD'S NLP Coaching Programme

About the Trainer

  • Pre-requisite: Open to all
  • Dates: TBA
  • Venue: Central London
  • Price: £TBA



"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts

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Client Testimonial to Judith Lowe

“Throughout the course I was able to make some real break-throughs after some tough times. I have found and acknowledged my passion and I now feel that I have found the correct course to fulfil my life’s dreams.

All of this would not have been possible without you as our course leader. You have a real gift when it comes to teaching and coaching and I am proud to have been one of your students.

Your energy, warmth, eloquence, humour and above all passion for NLP and all your students have made the time for me and indeed all of us very, very special. I really want to thank you for that!”

Hugo Blom (2010)


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