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Reciprocal Links Procedures

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If you have read the content of this page and if you think that a link exchange would benefit visitors to our sites, please email Please provide all the required information and before contacting us first make a visible reciprocal link to our site.

  1. Before emailing your request to us, make sure you have a reciprocal link to somewhere on your site. We recommend you use the sample link found below.
  2. Your reciprocal link to our site must be on a page that is linked to from your home page, no more than 2 clicks from your home page.
  3. Web sites should be related to our site - ie. business related sites. Sites that contain adult content, drugs, or any kind of illegal activity will not be accepted.
  4. We would prefer if you own your domain name. Sites being hosted on free services are less likely to be given links.
  5. The page you are linking from should have a Google Page Rank of 2 or above.
  6. Don't submit your site if it is still under construction.

Preferred link:

NLP Courses UK Training - PPD Learning offers NLP practitioner and other NLP training, resources and a practice group.

Please copy the HTML code below onto your links page:

<a href="" target="_blank" alt="NLP Courses UK Training">NLP Courses UK Training</a> - PPD Learning offers NLP practitioner and other NLP training, resources and a practice group.


"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts

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Client Testimonial to Judith Lowe

“Throughout the course I was able to make some real break-throughs after some tough times. I have found and acknowledged my passion and I now feel that I have found the correct course to fulfil my life’s dreams.

All of this would not have been possible without you as our course leader. You have a real gift when it comes to teaching and coaching and I am proud to have been one of your students.

Your energy, warmth, eloquence, humour and above all passion for NLP and all your students have made the time for me and indeed all of us very, very special. I really want to thank you for that!”

Hugo Blom (2010)


Upcoming Calendar of Events

The Ultimate NLP Master Practitioner

with Judith Lowe
Central London
07 Oct 2010

NLP Practitioner - Part 1

with Judith Lowe
Central London
15 Jan 2011

The Full 21 Day NLP Practitioner

with Judith Lowe
Central London
15 Jan 2011

Practice Group - Zen in the Art of the NLP Meta-Model

with Judith Lowe
University of London Union
01 Feb 2011

NLP Practitioner Part 2

with Judith Lowe
Central London
10 Feb 2011

Discover NLP with Judith Lowe

with Judith Lowe
Central London
17 Feb 2011

The Art of Authentic Charisma with Robert Dilts

with Special Guest Robert Dilts
Central London
25 Feb 2011

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