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Related Sites and Practice Groups

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NLP University The web site of Robert Dilts
NLP and systems thinking -
Joseph O'Connor's home page and for Coaching Courses - an annual independent NLP conference organised by a team led by Jo Hogg

The NLP Conference

 Drum4Success - Music, communication and training. Corporate drumming and team building events.

BBNLP The British Board of NLP

Shining Minds -Magical personal development retreats with a unique combination of yoga, meditation and NLP in beautiful natural surroundings. 

Alex Marshall - Executive Coach

PPD Consulting Management Consultants in the UK

Beeleaf NLP Psychotherapy training

ReSource Magazine For anyone who wants to discover more about personal growth and development.

The Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Sports Performance Coaching using NLP
Contact Jose Menendez on               +44(0)870 741 4322       

Anchor Point
The Practical journal of NLP from the USA

A A Books
Mail order books for all your NLP needs

NLP in Education People focused solutions
NLP Research Data Base

Experiential Dynamics
Modelling Model - David Gordon and Graham Dawes home page

Centre NLP
NLP in the Midlands of UK

The Developing company
NLP and Metaphor and Symbol and Clean Language etc.

Dee Kinder's NLP Institute in Nebraska USA
(Radio interview with Judith De Lozier on this site)

NLP Site in Australia
NLP Centre of New York

Brian Van Der Horst home page
Information on Ken Wilbur etc.
Information abour Gregory Bateson
Robert Anton Wilson

Stever Robbins
The first NLP site - still among the most informative

NLP Archive
NLP and Addictions Home Page
The Management of Life - A Free internet based course which uses NLP techniques to help you understand what you want from life and then organise your life to enable you to get it.
Tony Robbins home page
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Sherlock Holmes Info. - Sherlocktron's Holmepage -
Calum Coburn Associates offers newsletters, articles and answers sales related questions for free. NLP training in Germany

Tefl Courses - UK based intensive TEFL courses for students aiming to acquire TEFL certification.




"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts

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Client Testimonial to Judith Lowe

“Throughout the course I was able to make some real break-throughs after some tough times. I have found and acknowledged my passion and I now feel that I have found the correct course to fulfil my life’s dreams.

All of this would not have been possible without you as our course leader. You have a real gift when it comes to teaching and coaching and I am proud to have been one of your students.

Your energy, warmth, eloquence, humour and above all passion for NLP and all your students have made the time for me and indeed all of us very, very special. I really want to thank you for that!”

Hugo Blom (2010)


Upcoming Calendar of Events

The Ultimate NLP Master Practitioner

with Judith Lowe
Central London
07 Oct 2010

The Full 21 Day NLP Practitioner

with Judith Lowe
Central London
15 Jan 2011

NLP Practitioner Part 2

with Judith Lowe
Central London
10 Feb 2011

The Art of Authentic Charisma with Robert Dilts

with Special Guest Robert Dilts
Central London
25 Feb 2011

Practice Group – Xtreme Motivation!

with Paddy Bergin
University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1
01 Mar 2011

More Events…