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Upcoming Events

New Practitioner Programme -Part 1

with Judith Lowe
Central London
13 May 2006

Practice Group - How to have fun at work (and get great results)

with Simon Horton & Alex Marshall
University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1
06 Jun 2006

Practitioner Part 2

with Judith Lowe
Central London
09 Jun 2006

Discover NLP

with Judith Lowe
Central London
14 Jun 2006

States of Excellence

with Judith Lowe
Central London
22 Jun 2006

Magic of Language

with Judith Lowe
Central London
08 Jul 2006

Master Practitioner Programme 2006-7

with Judith Lowe Charles Faulkner, Judith DeLozier, and special guest Robert Dilts
Central London (Covent Garden)
12 Oct 2006

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Additional Trainers

Charles Faulkner

Charles Faulkner is a leading NLP explorer and modeller. His wide ranging interests-including business, media, politics and science-have led to substantial innovations in accelerated learning, decision making, meaningful influence, activating intuition, identity change and organisational design.

He excels at making complex ideas easy. Charles pioneered the development of applications of Cognitive Linguistics and Neuroscience to individual and organisational communication and change. His modelling of strategies of futures traders is featured in numerous books- famously, The New Market Wizards.

He is the author of personal transformation programs and business tools including the best selling NLP: The New Technology of Achievement(with Steve Andreas).

“Charles is a very adept trainer, and it was fun just to watch his boundless enthusiasm for his chosen field.”