Alex Marshall

Alex MarshallAlex Marshall has always been fascinated by what enables people to be their very best.  Through his knowledge of NLP and work as a trainer of the Alexander Technique, work that is concerned with rekindling our inherent ability to perform at our peak, Alex has developed a unique understanding of the way in which teams and individuals obstruct their ability to excel. His sensory acuity, which has developed in the many years of working with groups and individuals, has proved an invaluable asset in his work now as an NLP trainer.


He is one of the trainers for NLP means Business, PPD Learning’s corporate in-house training arm. His anecdotal, humorous and easy training style ensures that the learning environment is stimulating, enjoyable and focused on getting real results.




"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts

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Client Testimonial to Judith Lowe

“Throughout the course I was able to make some real break-throughs after some tough times. I have found and acknowledged my passion and I now feel that I have found the correct course to fulfil my life’s dreams.

All of this would not have been possible without you as our course leader. You have a real gift when it comes to teaching and coaching and I am proud to have been one of your students.

Your energy, warmth, eloquence, humour and above all passion for NLP and all your students have made the time for me and indeed all of us very, very special. I really want to thank you for that!”

Hugo Blom (2010)