Christina Hall

Christina is a seasoned international trainer with over twenty years of experience in NLP. She has been an NLP trainer since 1980 and was the first person to become an NLP Master Trainer (1986) and then an NLP Meta Master Trainer with Excellence (1991). She is a dynamic teacher, who is recognised for her integrity, caring, in-depth knowledge and ability to model and teach NLP. She is also known for the sense of discovery and fun she brings to the learning environment, opening up new vistas of experience and understanding through NLP.

Often referred to as "The Ultimate Wordsmith", Christina has a passion and excitement for language which she sees as a fascinating and mysterious puzzle. A puzzle, which like NLP, she loves to explore and unravel.

Christina Hall has taught on many of PPD's NLP Master Practitioner programmes over the years.

Upcoming Calendar of Events

NLP Practitioner - Part 1

with Judith Lowe
Central London
23 Sep 2010

Practice Group – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

with Judith Lowe
University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1
05 Oct 2010

The Ultimate NLP Master Practitioner

with Judith Lowe
Central London
07 Oct 2010

Exploring Inner Worlds

with Charles Faulkner
Central London
05 Nov 2010

The Wisdom of the Body

with Judith DeLozier
Central London
03 Dec 2010

NLP Practitioner Part 2

with Judith Lowe
Central London
10 Feb 2011

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