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Discover NLP

A one day introduction to NLP

with Judith Lowe or Charles Faulkner


What is special about this course?

This one-day programme has been specifically designed to offer a stimulating and involving introduction to NLP for people who want to know more about how these powerful tools and approaches can benefit them both personally and professionally.

What will this course do for you?

You'll get to experience and find out about NLP and how it relates to you in your life - the changes you want and the skills you need.

You'll discover why NLP is becoming the 'must-have' skill set for professionals across many kinds of organisations and businesses.

You'll begin to appreciate just how practical and results-focused NLP is as you experience for yourself new, 'breakthrough'ways of thinking and behaving in stuck or previously limiting situations.

You'll have a fun, lively day of learning and achievement - with lots of insights and new approaches to take away and use back at work or home.

What will this course cover?


There will be a mix of experiential activities, demonstrations, an introduction to key NLP models of change and an opportunity for some discussion and questions.

You'll learn something about NLP history, 'modelling' and coaching, the powerful NLP 'presuppositions' and attitudes for learning and change - and the importance of using your NLP with integrity and sensitivity.

You'll learn some tools and processes that relate to goal-setting, personal values, relationships, behavioural flexibility, 'reframing' and emotional self-management and more...

Pre-requisite: No NLP experience required. Ideal for people new to NLP.

Dates: 16 January 2008 (with Charles Faulkner) 20 September 2007 (with Judith Lowe)

Venue: Central London

Price: £100 + VAT (£117.50)

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After Discover NLP...

If having attended Discover NLP you decide to book the Practitioner Part 1 or full Practitioner programme and make your booking within a month of attendance we will discount the cost of Discover NLP from your Practitioner fees.


"It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Judith Lowe and her training"
Robert Dilts

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