NLP Practitioner Part 1 - (7 Days)

This intensive PPD Learning NLP programme gives you an 'exciting 'hands-on' introduction to all the fundamentals of NLP and sets up the learning for the more advanced material in Part Two.

  • create and maintain genuine rapport
  • set achievable and value-driven personal and professional goals
  • explore constructively problems and difficulties within a goal
  • understand and communicate compellingly to different thinking styles
  • enrich your understanding of a situation by experiencing it form different perspectives
  • gather high quality information for business or coaching purposes
  • create and manage your emotional state for high performance
  • positively influence others and support their ability to experience more choices
  • reframe and reorganise perceptions to direct attention more creatively
  • use physical and mental alignment to become more congruent and confident

You will learn the observational and relational skill-set which makes NLP really 'work' and you'll get to appreciate some of the history, ideas and attitudes which power the field.

Cost: £725 (plus VAT £851.87)

Venue: Covent Garden, Central London


  • Spring: 17-23 Jan 2009
  • Summer: 10-15 May 2009
  • Autumn: 25-28 Sep & 24-26 Oct 2008 (split weekend format)

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"Come and understand yourself and others more effectively, whilst gaining insight and having the bestest fun" Kay Savage

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